Customer Testimonials
Here are a few words of praise from our customers:

“Jeff and Cara are the greatest! We couldn't recommend them more highly. We have two wonderful puppies from them.  One is over 1 year and the other is a few months.  The quality of service and care after the sale of the puppies have been very professional and shows the caring of the puppies after the sale.  We have had them do training on our 1 year old and have found it to be very beneficial. We have had dogs our whole lives and by far these have been the best dogs we have ever owned."–John  Harden

"We purchased a German Shepherd puppy from Jeff and Cara earlier this year and could not be happier!  The temperament of the dog is perfect for a family with young children.  The puppy is very loving and kind, curious, and has adapted well to a change of scenery.  We received our puppy when she was 10 months old and during the transition, both Jeff and Cara have been checking up on the dogs transition and her well-being.  The dedication to ensuring our puppy made a smooth transition into our family was amazing!  I never expected to receive a post sale phone call from the breeder asking how the puppy was doing nor the quick response for any training questions we had.  The focus on the dogs well-being even translates to their vet who is more than willing to discuss the puppy and her early interactions with the puppy and its parents."

"Jeff and Cara are amazing people who are dedicated to ensuring you and your puppy make a successful team! "   –Jim Vangeffen

“Von Dietrich German Shepherds  are every German Shepherd  dog owner’s dream. I bought a puppy for family pet and this dog is rock solid with a great temperament and intelligence. Thanks, Jeff and Cara”     –Dan Wilson

"Thanks for our 'Perfect Dog' we could not be happier! Thanks a million!  It is great with our boys"  - Candy

"Good Morning Jeff...We are very pleased Diesel, we love him very much.He has the best drive when he wants something he cannot be stopped.He investigates everything, behind couches , chairs , end tables. We will send pictures soon.  Thank you so much to you and your wife for being so very helpful and nice."  Dan Titus

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